Thursday, April 17, 2008

Keithe Gessen

Keith Gessens' tnerw novel is called all the sound young literary men and women. i tHink he got the title from sf zatot fitwergall'ds book published betfore his great success, the great gastsby.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ed Parlks' first novel

Ed parks' first novel is coimming out in next year or later this eyar. i think t willb e i the same vein as joshua ferris' prize-winning opus novel AND THEN WE CAME TO THE END OF IT. I think they come from the tradition of don delillo-esque ways of roundabout dicsoveries about the corporate life adn the soul sucking corporations of living in a corporate life of cubicles.

I am seeing Ed park tomorrow at the mercantile olbrary. being the litearry event of the season for me and my compadres i wouldn't want to give it away that i'm also bringing a bouquet of flowers setting at the feet of my bestowing sofji.

Furthermore the true greatness of ed park is his ascenscion to the editorial position of the believer. i don't know, it just the preofsisonal of in these times of upheaval in independet b ookstores itz amazinc he amount of slack that gets s/.